Man Versus Man

There’s a war on the streets ahead It’s a game that you won’t understand If you don’t leave your weapons If you don’t use your head If you stick to your values If you can’t stand the pain So if you can’t hear the calling Well you better stay away It’s a war of man […]

The Calling

Can you hear our calling? Can you hear our claim? We have a new revolution here, right underneath your heads It’s coming down from Iceland and it’s reaching out to Spain It’s rolling down from Wall Street and it’s gonna crowd the squares Can you hear us begging? Can you hear us pray? Can you […]

‘Count On Me’ lyrics

Well don’t you count on me when the river is dry. Don’t you count on me when the sun don’t shine, But you can count on me, you can count on me tonight. Well don’t you scream my name, when the lights go out. Don’t you grab my hand when you’re ’bout to drown, But […]