Time has come for me to release my second album titled Man From Nowhere Land. While my debut one in 2013 was an introduction to my Americana influences around different topics, this one is pure Rock and focused on my personal story. It’s as close as I can get to how I feel and understand Rock music, epic and timeless. Across these ten tracks you’ll feel the soul of Clarence Clemons’ sax; the heartbeat of the E Street Band and The Who; the ragged glory of Neil Young and Pearl Jam; the melancholy of The Byrds, Tom Petty and the underground calm of Lou Reed.

After the first album I spent three years struggling to put a rock band together in London and ended up frustrated. With no band, no audience and no label I even lost motivation in writing more songs. I just couldn’t see the point…for a while. Then I accepted the fact that there will never be another era for classic Rock albums so might as well release it while I can. So this is my leap-of-faith album that’s been ageing in the cellar until everything felt right.

It only took about a week to mix it, 8 years to record, 18 years to write and 39 years to experience it. In the meantime I learned to play most of the instruments I needed to record in order to make these songs come to life. That’s guitars, bass, organ, harmonica and tenor sax mainly. I also had to improve my craft as a songwriter and let my voice mature. Most importantly I had to understand where I come from, who I am and where I belong. Being from a family expats that expands up to at least four generations I got to understand and accept that my identity is not rooted in any particular place. It belongs in the road, in the journey. So again as I unconsciously introduced myself on the cover of my first album, there’s just me, my guitar, my songs, the road…and of course the lovely lady who took the photo.

I made this album to blow our minds and shake our souls so turn your stereo all the way up and have a blast!

Harvey Springfield. 2017

Man From Nowhere Land is now available for download on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.