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It’s getting cold aboard this boat And we’ve been sailing for way too long The catch is gone, there ain’t no hope And all we want is to get back home We can pray for the wind to blow We could be waiting for another month Now all we gotta do is row, row, row […]

Until They Kick Us Out

My bags are packed and waiting by the door There’s still some time to go out for one more The crowd was heard and there’s no turning back It’s gonna be hard and long goodbye I’ll miss the lights, the smells and different sounds I oughta escape before they lock us in But I’m gonna […]

Ready Once More

After all we’ve been through I think I’m ready once more I’m ready once more. Are you? I’ve seen the walls come down out on the streets of Berlin I’ve seen people cry war and then beg for peace I’ve seen no storm up above that never ever ever went by So if we came […]

Stuck Inside a Loop

I’m stuck inside a loop I can’t get out It goes on and on forever ‘til you learn it by heart And it don’t make no sense when you pull it apart There’s one to make you fall in love and one to make you cry There’s one to make you sell yourself and one […]