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Harvey Springfield’s fourth solo album Reap What You Sow out 1st October 2021

Harvey Springfield is back with his fourth solo album “Reap What You Sow”, a collection of short-stories with a cinematic and brooding feel. A new direction which evoques Tarantino’s soundtracks and classic albums produced by Daniel Lanois (Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy) and T. Bone Burnett (Raising Sand). You can also feel the influence of Johnny […]

Harvey Springfield gets political and punks up his Folk roots on his third album.

The Calling is Harvey Springfield’s third album. A Folk-Punk manifesto which exposes the decay of Democratic values taken over by individualism, bigotry, divisive politics and liberal economics. It’s also a celebration of comradeship with pounding drums, raging guitars, traditional instruments and chanting galore. Rather than mellowing down with age, Harvey’s sound and lyrics become edgier […]

Listen to this new Celtic-Punk cover of Bob Dylan’s “Dignity”

Harvey Springfield unveils his Celtic-Punk rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Dignity” featuring an Irish drumming beat and an epic bagpipe melody which echoes Brendan O’Brien’s organ arrangement for the unplugged live version. This new cover will be launched as a digital single on Friday 7th September 2018 and will be available for download and streaming on […]

Blood of the Land (lyrics)

It was back in the winter of 2002, when the ship was wrecked and she broke in two. Prestige was named but it meant no good, just to ruin this land and cause our doom. The fishermen stared at the coming threat, and refused to wait for the government’s help. There wasn’t time for yapping […]