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‘Beyond These Banks’ lyrics

Lay down your sorrow, lay back your head, Down on the waters that will wash your pain away. Take all your worries, bring all your sins, Meet me in the morning on the fields of sugar cane, Meet me in the morning on the fields of sugar cane. I’ll kiss your teardrops ‘n’ dry them […]

‘Seven Storey Block’ lyrics

I live in a block on the way downtown It’s a halfhearted ride for setting out. It’s a bad atmosphere, sweet home for no one, A play with no action, no smile and no joy. They hide what they feel and swear never had fun But I don’t believe it’s a sin to enjoy. They […]

‘Long Way Back’ lyrics

It’s a long way back, you better stay now Where you are, you better spend the night Don’t look back, it is a long way back You better stay now just, stay right where you are . . . It’s hard to make a stand when you’re looking back To your childhood heroes and your […]

’21st Century’ lyrics

Come on Jimmy let’s go to the twenty-first century When no one will impose on nobody his own beliefs In the twenty-first century There won’t be no fumes in the air that I breathe And you won’t be refused just the minute you start to speak In the twenty-first century Well baby it’s gonna be […]