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‘No Way Out’ lyrics

When the snow waits on the ground For someone to come and do the job Will you know when it’s time to fly? When it’s just too late to run When you stare at the gate and wail for hours While your foe sleeps by your side Do you miss the friends left behind? Do […]

‘Time Is Gold’ lyrics

Your time is gold. Don’t you let nobody waste it And don’t get distracted from your final goal. Your time is gold, but if you find somebody worth it, Don’t be so stupid as to let them go. Your time is gold, and you’re gonna learn this brother, You don’t fight the changes, you take […]

‘The Load’ lyrics

In spite of the load. In spite of the fears going down that used to hurt my soul. There’s something in my heart ain’t nobody’s gonna blow. In spite of the drone. In spite of the noise that’s coming out from where the money runs. The silence in my heart ain’t nobody’s gonna blow. Come […]

‘Magic In The Night’ lyrics

Bobby came from Memphis in 1964 Jenny came from New York City where she had pawned her soul And they melt their hearts beneath the traffic lights And chased some magic in the night Me I was a stranger, troubles I had none But I took my chances when I told my story To the […]