The rooster is crowing
The cowbells are tolling
The frost is now melting away
There’s an amber horizon
And soon we’ll be marching
Away to the fountain of life

I smell chestnuts roasting
While you’re still there yawning
But we haven’t got time for a bite
It’s a good day for hiking
And it’s not only hardship
When you’re going to the fountain of life

Well if you get in trouble
If there’s a hole in your bucket
You don’t wait ’till they fix it for you
It’s each one for themselves
This is how we all got here
It’s the rule at the fountain of life

You may think we’re all good friends
When it’s all grins and handshakes
But you gotta be able to tell
Who plays by the rules
Who you shouldn’t trust
We all need this fountain of life

We all saw the drought coming
You reap what you sow brother
And we pay the price every day
There’s no one else to blame
And you don’t beg for mercy
Down here at the fountain of life

Written by Harvey Springfield © 2020

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