Harvey Springfield’s fifth solo album “Sick Sick World”, comes out on Friday 27th October 2023. This time he shows his passion for Alternative Rock, Melodic Punk-Rock and Grunge with a collection of anthems which won’t leave you indifferent. It’s available to stream and download now at https://ffm.to/sicksickworld

Sick Sick World - Harvey Springfield (2023)

He’s been road-testing some of the songs live across the UK over the past four years but he’s also presenting four brand new songs where he opens up about the mental hyperactivity, life after long relationships and online dating.

“Clones” is the first single off the album. It exposes the flaws of online dating which cheapens relationships and oversimplifies personal identity in a surreal human marketplace.

He also tackles other topics such as Wars, Retaliation and Global Warming throughout the album.

Harvey has become a familiar face in the UK Underground scene over the past seven years by playing festivals and venues with bands such as Barking Poets and Man the Lifeboats before starting his own outfit Hunch Power. The challenges caused by the recession and the Live Music Crisis have forced him like many other singer-songwriters to keep releasing solo albums.